San Francisco Rope Dojo® April 2018 - w/ Midori & the Dojo Instructors

By Fire Horse Productions Inc. (other events)

Sat, Apr 14 2018 9:30 AM Sun, Apr 15 2018 7:00 PM

Full Weekend Intensive Rope Dojo® with rope experts, Midori & Delano and the Dojo Cadre team.

Instruction Times:
Sat. 10am to 7pm (doors open 9:30am)
Sun. 10am to 7pm (doors open 9:30am)
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Because of the intensive nature of the material & instruction, this course is limited to only 30 participants.
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Course Details:
A Rope Bondage Weekend: A Dojo styled intensive from the foundational to the subtle advanced nuances with Midori and Senior Cadre Member Delano.

Want to learn about rope bondage?
Frustrated with short workshops & demos?
Do you want personalized attention to improve every aspect of your rope techniques?
Are you ready for the disciplined approached to take you to the next level?
Have you wanted to know what Midori teaches her personal apprentices?
Are you a total rope beginner with the motivation to move past your hesitation & blow your lover's mind with hot scenes?
Or have you already lassoed the basics and ready for a real challenge?

In this concentrated weekend, you will uncover the heart & soul of the rope experience from both the top and bottom perspectives.

From the basics and building solid foundations to developing speed & efficiency, from brilliant scene planning to the nuances of fine topping and bottoming skills - they'll put you through the paces and improve your skills.

Your Instructors

  • Midori
  • Delano
  • Michele
  • Mateo
  • Lolita Wolf
  • Special Guest Instructor 

Your Full Weekend Package Includes:
- 17+ hours of concentrated instruction from Midori & Delano + trained instruction team with lots of hands-on practice.
- Continental breakfast both days
- Catered lunch both days*
- Limited edition commemorative graduation gift
- Free admission to the Saturday night social & practice party
- Take-home gifts
(*For vegetarians: For those specifying vegetarian meals, we provide ovo-lacto based veggie meals. If your dietary needs are more specific, we encourage you to bring your own meals. There will be a kitchen with a fridge to store your items.)
- - -

Saturday 'Day 1: Fundamentals of Technique & Scene Dynamics'

  • Safety, rope selection, basic knots, rope care
  • Foundational Two-Column Tie, Body Harness, Sex Bondage, Basics of Shibari. Freestyle Bondage
  • Psychology and Emotional Dynamics of Rope, Dominance and Scene Control
  • History of Japanese Rope Bondage
  • Exceptional bottoming skills
  • Familiarity Exercises
  • Free entry to Saturday evening kink social! 

Sunday 'Day 2: Mastering Rope'

  • Peer Review
  • Speed Drills
  • Familiarity Exercises
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Creativity Exercise
  • Getting into Their Minds: Building and assessing desire. Planning and creating amazing scenes.
  • Visions and Perversions: Learn to think and create with mastery, art and power
  • It's in the Details - Dildo & cock harness
  • Strategy and execution of amazing rope play scenes

- - -
How to Prepare for Dojo:

- Read the FAQ on
- Be well rested.
- Wear comfortable clothing.
- Bring large towels, blanket or yoga mats for floor work.
- Encouraged to bring floor cushion or comfy folding chair to sit in.
- Bring lots of rope & a pair of safety shears. Suggestions on rope you might want to bring: Please read the FAQ at

Special Dojo Rope Kits are available for student discount from Twisted Monk. Follow this unique link & make sure to give your registration confirmation number. is Midori's favorite rope vendor. They carry hemp, handspun cotton, electro-conductive rope, and other rope related top quality goods. 

If you prefer wallet-friendly cotton ropes, try these from the Stockroom.

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Local Lodging
Hotel recommendations can be found here.


1. Age 18 or older.
2. Desire to learn through a unique training program.
3. Be able to tie your shoe laces.

Refund Policy
Full refund if cancelled up to 30 days prior to event.    (by March 15)
50% refund if cancelled between 30 days and 14 days prior to event.    (between March 16 and March 30)
No refund if cancelled within 14 days of the event.   (from March 30)

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